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Public Domain Bible Translations

The following translations are free to use. To install, right-click download icon and “Save as…” into the
C:\Program Files\Presenter 4\Scripture folder, then restart Presenter.
All P4BBL files approx 1Mb in size
American Standard Version (ASV.P4BBL) Download
Chinese Union Version (CUV.P4BBL) Download
Darby Bible (DBY.P4BBL) Download
LSG (French) Version (LSG.P4BBL)
Updated March 2011 to fix display of French accents
Portuguese Version (PTV.P4BBL) Download
Portuguese Version (Almeida Revista e Atualizada) (ARA.P4BBL) Download
Schlachter 1951 – Deutsch New Testament (NTSch51.P4BBL)
This translation Copyright © 1951 Genfer Bibelgesellschaft.
Made available under license with the kind permission of the Geneva Bible Society
Spanish Revised Version 1960 (RVR.P4BBL) Download
Tamil Bible (TML.P4BBL)
Zip package includes Bamini font and ReadMe file with installation instructions.
Textus Receptus Greek (NT) (TRG.P4BBL) Download
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT.P4BBL) Download