Presenter comes pre-installed with the US, UK, AU and KJV (King James English) dictionaries accessed by the song lyric editor. The following dictionaries are free to add to your system. To install, right-click download icon and “Save as…” into the
C:\Program Files\Presenter 4\Dictionaries folder.
Restart Presenter then activate dictionary via the spelling options.
Afrikaan (afrikaans.adm) Download
Brazilian Portuguese (brazport.adm) Download
Czech (czech.adm) Download
Danish (danish.adm) Download
Dutch (dutch.adm) Download
Estonian (estonian.adm) Download
Finnish (finnish.adm) Download
French (french.adm) Download
German (New) (GT_Neu.adm) Download
Italian (italian.adm) Download
Hungarian (magyar.adm) Download
Norwegian (norwegian.adm) Download
Portuguese (portuguese.adm) Download
Russian (russian.adm) Download
Spanish (spanish.adm) Download
Swedish (swedish.adm) Download