Registration Process

When you purchase Presenter you will receive a unique code linked to your church or organisation. This code unlocks the evaluation status of the program. While you can readily obtain the program from our web site at any time, the code is the ‘key’ and we recommend keeping it in a safe place.

If you misplace your registration details, you can retrieve them using the request form below. All registration details are linked to a customer account in our online store.

Offline Registrations

If you previously purchased Presenter via mail, fax or through a reseller, an account has been set up for you without a password. Follow the Forgotten Password steps to assign one.

Unsure of the email used at the time of registration? No problem, please contact us.

Forgotten your password? Please visit the store to request a new password.

Need to update your details? Please log in to the store and select My Account. You can also update your email address here as well.