Presenter registrations are site based, which means the one purchase can be installed and registered on:

  • Multiple computers located at your Site.
    If you have two auditoriums with separate projector systems you can install Presenter on each computer used to control those systems. This also means you can install Presenter on other computers at the same location (e.g. in an office area) which might be useful for typing up song lyrics or experimenting with media playback.
  • A home computer, away from your Site, provided the purpose of this remains exclusively for your Site. Again, preparing song words or self-training would be the most likely reason for this.
  • Off site for special, one-off events. For example, an Easter service in a hired venue.

In all of these cases, Site means one physical location or address. It does not encompass multiple campuses at other locations, such as outreach or extension churches in another suburb or town, even though they may come under the covering of the same organization or be legally identified as the same incorporated entity. An additional license must be purchased for each location.

If you have any questions about licensing or registrations, do not hesitate to contact us.