Short and simple: We do not disclose names, emails or other contact details obtained through our newsletter subscription or through the Discovery Systems online store without express permission from you.

On occasions we receive requests from new users asking if there is an existing church in their locality that they can contact. In the interest of encouraging mutual support and communication, we may pass on the name of a church (school or organisation), but only for solicited and genuine requests. Only the registered name is used and excludes individuals who have registered Presenter in their own name.

Return Policy

Our aim is for Presenter to be a product that you will enjoy using and be proud of owning. We appreciate that to become familiar with any software can take time. Media related software, in particular, may involve additional tasks such as installing codec packs in order to test different video formats.

For this reason we invite all enquirers to download and try Presenter out to ensure full satisfaction before incurring any cost. We also welcome questions during this time to resolve any set up or operational questions. This trial is a generous 45 day period (30 days for Version 3) from the date it is first run.

If the trial has expired and for some reason you haven’t been able to adequately become familiar with Presenter, an extension to the trial period is available by special request. (Version 4 only)

In light of this, once a purchase has been made and a permanent registration code issued, we are unable to offer a refund. This is consistent with the conventional “opened media” policy widely adopted by software vendors.

All online orders are manually verified before registration details are issued, primarily to check that the registration name will be unique. Therefore, purchases may be cancelled with a full refund, provided you contact us immediately – and before the registration details are sent. Orders using the EFT/cheque payment option are delayed until payment has been received and therefore affords a greater window of time before processing.

So,  download your copy of Presenter and try it for free!