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1. Our media computer is not connected to the Internet. How do I install or register Presenter?

You can download Presenter from any Internet enabled computer – then copy the install file across via a USB memory drive.
Steps in detail:

  1. Navigate to the download page and save the install file to a known location on your computer. (eg. My Desktop or My Downloads)
  2. Open the file explorer and locate the Presenter setup file
  3. Insert a thumbnail drive to a spare USB port and check that it assigns a new drive letter
  4. Select the Presenter setup file and type Ctrl-C (copy)
  5. Locate thumbnail drive in the file explorer and type Ctrl-V (paste)
  6. Check that the Presenter setup file is now listed on the thumbnail drive
  7. Select the menu option to safely remove USB drive (usually in the task bar tray area)
  8. Remove the USB drive and plug into the destination media computer
  9. Open the USB drive in the file explorer
  10. Locate the Presenter setup file and double-click to launch the setup. (You can copy to the media computer first if you wish, but that is not required.)

Registration details are issued by email. Once received, you can print it off and enter the code manually on the other computer, or by following similar steps to the above, save the email as a text file and copy via USB stick. Transferring the email text to the media computer will enable you to copy and paste the registration details to avoid typing errors.

2. I have Presenter V3 installed. How do I install Version 4 without affecting my current setup?

Windows treats Version 3 and 4 as separate applications, so you can quite safely install (and un-install) Version 4 without any impact on Version 3. You could even have V3 and V4 running at the same time. Just be aware that V4 will install its own copy of the song lyrics in the shared public folder – quite independently of the V3 copy (typically under the C:\Present3 folder).

3. I have Presenter V4.0 installed. How do I upgrade to Version 4.1?

The same full installation setup file is used for upgrading as it is for new installations. Just download and run the Setup EXE in the usual manner. Your current settings will be retained.

4. We have a network of small or home churches. Must we purchase a license for every location?

Our Presenter licensing is site based as described on the licensing page. Essentially, one license applies to a single location, even though a church ‘entity’ may have services at different locations, or campuses. We do however give special consideration to small churches that meet at different locations at different times. These are considered on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and see if we can help you.


5. How can I test Presenter on a single monitor computer?

Presenter 4 is designed to operate on a computer with two or more monitors enabled via the Windows display properties dialog. This includes laptops with an external monitor (or projector) attached to the VGA port.

It is however possible to trial and work with Presenter on a single monitor by creating a custom monitor.

  1. Select Options > Monitors > Custom Monitors
  2. Click the [Add] button and define an area in the top right-hand corner of monitor 1.
  3. Specify both width and height to be 50%
  4. Press [OK] to save
  5. Now select Options > Monitors > Output Definitions
  6. In the drop-down list next to Output 1, select the custom monitor entry.
  7. You will now be able to activate the first output which will appear (overlapped) on your screen. You may need to move the control window to the left to see the output.

6. I can’t see any output and the preview window has large pixelated text?

The most likely reason for this is there are no outputs enabled. Check the Options > Output settings. Also, upgrade to the latest build as this provides more feedback to address this situation.

7. I’m having trouble working with Powerpoint files. Can you give some help?

Presenter makes a connection with the MS Powerpoint application via the OLE interface. For the most part this should be reliable but has been known to ‘get confused’, particularly if actions are taken in quick succession (eg. play-stop-play). See the program help tutorials (press F1 or select menu Help > Contents, then Quick Start Tutorials topic) for sample operation and other points to observe when working with PowerPoint.

8. Can I work with Powerpoint files in Presenter if I just have the PPT Viewer installed?

The OLE link to MS Powerpoint requires the full product (eg. stand-alone or bundled with MS Office). The free PPT Viewer application does not include the necessary features for Presenter to work with PPT files sufficiently.

9. Am I required to report to CCLI the songs that come pre-loaded with Presenter (eg. Hillsong)?

This is not authoritative advice from CCLI. Please confirm with the CCLI representative in your country for any questions regarding copyright.

Our understanding is (provided you are not recording your service) that you report each song just once – in the year of the first time you actually use the song. Treat it as if you typed in the words yourself, as that is what constitutes a ‘use’ (or reproduction) of the song.

Tip: Use the playlist/running sheet export to CSV feature to keep a historical reference of the songs you use.

If you record your service (ie. to tape/CD/DVD), you need to report that as a duplication each time – and any copies you make of that recording as well.

10. There is a noticeable delay between selecting a slide and it appearing on the output. What could be causing this?

Provided you are running a computer close to the recommended guidelines, you should expect a slide change to occur without a delay. Here is a list of things to check if that is happening…

  • Other running applications: Check the task manager to see if the CPU is busy with other applications, such as an unattended (scheduled) virus scan.
  • Output screen size: An output size of 1024×768 should be acceptable, but dropping to 800×600 will almost halve the effort Presenter does to render an image. For wide screens we’d recommend 1280 x 720 as a maximum unless your own testing provides acceptable performance.
  • Font size: Check the font styles used for header, body and footer to check that they are not too large. Presenter will ‘auto-shrink’ text to fit into the available space so a large setting may not be immediately apparent. This adjustment is done on the fly and will add to the processing time.
  • Line spacing: Text output is optimized when the line spacing (a style setting) is 0 (the default).
  • Text override feature: Try turning this off to see if that makes a difference.
  • Background images: Generally, using an image in the background should be fine. However, large images (for example, JPGs imported directly from a digital camera) can be in excess of 3000px wide and therefore involve considerable processing to render. If your images are more than twice the dimensions of your output screen, make a copy that is reduced in size since any loss in detail is unlikely to be noticeable to the average user. Example:
    • Open the image in MS Paint
    • Press Ctrl-W (resize)
    • Set both height and width to 50% (or lower for very large images)
    • Press OK
    • Save as a copy of the original

    The optimum image size (and video clips for that matter) is one that has the same dimensions as the output, although in reality this may not be practical.

  • Image location: Ensure images are not being loaded directly from slower drives (such as a CD). Always copy them to a local hard drive first. This may also apply to network locations.

Contact us if you still experience problems in this regard.

By the way, these suggestions are relevant to Version 3 as well.

11. When I load an image an error occurs: “Can’t allocate the DIB handle”

This problem has been known to occur when loading very large JPEG images, such as those imported from a digital camera. Reducing the image size should solve this problem. See steps to resizing images using MS Paint in the answer to #10 above.

12. In Version 3, when I select the options screen to be displayed, nothing appears to happen. It does not appear.

Presenter remembers the location of the Options window so it will be displayed, but it may be off the visible area of the desktop. This most likely occurs after changing the monitor positions in the display settings. A quick manual change in the configuration file should fix this:

  1. Close Presenter
  2. Explore “My Computer” and browse to the Presenter folder. Typically, C:\Present3 or C:\Pres3Express
  3. Locate and double-click to open the configuration file (Presentr.INI or PresExpress.INI) in Notepad
  4. Look for the line containing [Options]
  5. Below this should be two lines: Top=<number> and Left=<number>
  6. Delete these two lines. (Don’t delete the [Options] line)
  7. Save and close the INI file
  8. Restart Presenter and select Options. It should appear in the default location on the primary monitor


15. Does Presenter run on Windows 7 and 8?

We have tested Presenter 3 on Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) and Version 4 on Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit). Playback of video and DVD depends on what codec pack is installed as well as the hardware (particularly the graphics adapter), so results will vary between systems. If you encounter security related errors with Version 3, log in as administrator and grant all users full (read/write) access to the C:\Present3 application folder. Presenter Version 2 is not certified to work on Windows 7.

16. Presenter seems to be designed for churches. Can I use it at my work?

Yes certainly! While some features, such as the display of Bible scriptures, are intended for use in a church setting, there is no reason why Presenter cannot be used for any corporate event involving multimedia.

13. Is there a Mac version of Presenter?

We don’t have a Mac (or Linux) version of Presenter. We are however monitoring user interest and development technologies in case this becomes a viable option in the future.

14. Does Presenter run on 64-bit operating systems?

Our primary development and testing platforms are Win32, with one Windows 7 64 bit system. Our testing of Presenter 4 on Vista-64 and Windows 7-64 has been successful for all aspects except playing DVDs. Please let us know if you encounter any problems on 64-bit systems.